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“They handled everything from our website to linking it with our social media accounts and payment platforms. I can now focus on my business since it’s automated.”

Website development is the tricky work involved in building a web page. This can range significantly from building a simple static single page of just plain text, to complex programs, web-based business, and social networking communities. 

Some of the first web browsers even supported static pages only. Today, however, web development projects are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. 

What is website development?

Website development projects now include task management, database administration, graphic design, content management, and testing all in one comprehensive package. 

All of these tasks are complex and require specialized knowledge in order to complete them correctly. As such, website developers have to use all available resources within their skill set in order to complete the tasks that are needed.

This includes the programming language and tooling necessary to create websites with a minimum of effort. Additionally, aesthetic decisions, such as typography and graphics are also frequently linked with website development. 

One important part of website development is web design. In order to get a successful web page up and running, you must have good planning and layout. When designing a website you should first think about the basic layout and functionality of the pages that will be displayed. 

Next, you should decide how you want to layout the content on the page. This will depend largely on what the page is intended to do – whether it is a sales page, a tutorial, or a research tool.

Most website developers work within a specific framework or language. As an example, most web developers are required to have knowledge in PHP, HTML, Java, CSS, Flash, Photoshop, video editing, and more.

Due to the competitive landscape that exists today, many website development companies are seeking developers who will adapt to the different needs of their clients.

What skills are needed for website development? 

Well, just about everything! First, you must be skilled in creating new website applications. If you already have HTML experience, it would be beneficial to take some classes pertaining to website development. 

Most website developers learn the basics of coding by starting out as simple web designers. As your skills increase, you can branch out into additional website development projects.

Typically, website developers will need to know how to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, and several other coding languages. However, not all developers understand all of the codings in each of these languages. 

Learning coding through numerous books, online tutorials, and working with fellow coders is a great way to familiarize yourself with the various codes. Once you are comfortable with the coding, you can then branch out into tasks that require more specific coding. 

How does a website development team work?

The website development team is of a very complicated nature. It consists of a wide variety of professionals all working collectively to develop a very attractive website with lots of functionalities and features. 

This also involves the work of a website development team that does all the preparatory work for making a website live on the internet.

The website development team should be well equipped with various types of skills and knowledge. They should have a strong team comprising specialists responsible for different sets of activities. 

In addition, they should be able to provide all the facilities and assistance required by the client. 

You cannot leave all the tasks of the website development team to a single person. This is because there are numerous functions performed by them. Every set of tasks requires the expertise and the experience of different specialists responsible for doing it. 

Some of the tasks include designing website templates and creating the content in different formats. They also need to be capable of implementing all these tasks and using them in a way that makes sense.

In order to get a website up and running a web development team will have to decide what technologies they wish to use. This decision is based on the requirements of the client and the available coding options that the client provides. 

When choosing a particular technology the developer will have to consider a number of things including how well it integrates with existing systems, how quickly it will be to develop and use, what kind of audience the website is designed for and what kind of budget is available to invest in website development. 

Many companies choose to outsource their website development process to offshore companies as they are able to get a highly professional, customized website developed at a fraction of the costs compared to what an in-house team would charge.

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