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“They handled everything from our website to linking it with our social media accounts and payment platforms. I can now focus on my business since it’s automated.”

Web design and development is essentially an umbrella term that covers both the creative and technical aspects of creating a site. As the name implies, it entails two major skill sets: web design and development. 

In the past, the two tasks were often separated by a clear delineator: graphic design. Today, because there is no real hard and fast line separating the two roles anymore, the names are often used interchangeably with great results. 

The skills involved in the creation of a web page, in turn, will depend on what kind of business it is – whether it is for business or pleasure.

Difference between web designers and developers?

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Web designers and developers may either specialize in one of the skill sets or they can work as a team. All the same, most website creation teams include some combination of these skill sets. 

The most common areas where these two disciplines converge are in developing user interfaces for websites and, in some cases, creating the infrastructure necessary to support website creation. 

Web designers also often contribute to layout and typography for the site and to helping the designer come up with a clear, consistent design.

Web designers create the initial visual designs of a web page. Web developers then add interactivity to the pages by adding scripting or database coding. Web designers and developers can work together to implement branding, search engine optimization (SEO), and other elements vital to ensuring a successful website creation.

Many modern technologies help with developing efficient websites. Some examples include Java, XML, PHP, Flash, and others. Web design and development companies often make use of modern technologies to give their clients the best online experience and to create long-lasting branding.

The two roles of a web designer and a developer are often interchangeable. A web designer is responsible for coming up with the overall concept, including visuals, layouts, colors, and other elements. They often collaborate with programmers and/or designers to develop the actual functionality of the site. 

Web development, on the other hand, is responsible for implementing the idea that was presented through the designer’s web design. Oftentimes, a web designer will simply provide a foundation and the developer will go right to work building the interactive aspects and functionality of the site.

Web development requires both a well-developed visual design as well as the ability to build a functional website design.

A visually appealing design draws visitors’ attention to the content of the website, and the layout of the site is what makes the visitor fully engaged. In addition, the contents of the website need to be functional so that the website visitors can access all of the information that they are looking for. 

For instance, if a visitor arrives at a website that has no shopping carts or contact forms, then the individual is likely to leave the website immediately.

Both web design and development are required to have problem-solving skills. Problem-solving skills are the backbone of successful websites. In addition, web designers must be able to visualize the end result of their work – which often includes working with several different industry specialists such as search engine optimization professionals, Internet marketers, content managers, web developers, graphic designers, and more. 

Often, there will need to be coordination among these various specialists in order to meet the deadline and complete the task on time. This coordination and problem-solving ability are what separates successful website designers from those that fail to meet deadlines and maintain quality in the final product.

Web development and web design go hand-in-hand. Both of these roles are essential to making great websites. Both of these roles however differ in many ways from each other. 

Web design is often considered the forefront of web design and development, but the truth is that both of these roles contribute to the overall success of websites. The ultimate goal of both roles is to provide customers and/or clients with the best online experience. If these goals are not met, then the websites become a failure.

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