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A web design process is an outline of the various steps required to be taken from beginning to end to complete a standard web design project. Essentially, there are two phases to a web project: web development and web design. 

In either phase, there are a number of different steps involved. Each step in a web design and development project has a specific goal. Following a detailed web design and development process will help you and your client know your role in the overall project.

The Web Design Process

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When beginning the web design process, your primary goal should be to find a style and look that is compatible with your target audience. 

The next goal should be to find and hire a professional that has the experience, skills, and talent necessary to create the website that your audience wants. 

The final goal of the web design process should be to create a dynamic website that your audience loves.

Step 1: The idea and concept

The first phase of a web designing process begins with an idea for the site. Mapped out your content, what you want your website to contain, your branding, and the overall concept you are going for. Do you want a minimalist website? Or maybe a classic and timeless one with a design that will never go out of trend? 

Planning these out before website creation makes the second step easier. 

Step 2: Website creation

The second phase will be the execution of that plan through actual development. 

In order to move your web design process along in a timely fashion, you’ll want to hire a professional that is able to work on multiple projects at once. 

The first is to establish a relationship with a web design company.  If you don’t already have one, then now would be the perfect time to do so. They can help you out with a lot of questions or problems that you may have regarding your company’s website. 

After establishing a relationship with them, they can then offer their services on either a freelance basis or on a contractual basis

When you hire a web design team to work on your website, it is also a part of their responsibility to update and educate you about the details and overall process. You, as the client, need to be aware of what is happening to your website and what are the designers and developers working on. You need to understand and to be taught about what files and data to submit and what programming languages are being used on your website and why. These are only a few of the things you’d get to learn. 

Being educated by professional web designers and developers before the construction of the website will save you a lot of time and money in the future. When people understand how the whole process works, they will be able to better utilize the software programs and the programs that they are using.

The second phase of website creation is the part where you get to enjoy the most. This involves the actual designing and developing of your website and also the part where you get to give your own input, opinion and suggest designs that best suit you and your website the most. 

In this phase, your web designers and developers will showcase their specialty and samples of their design so you’ll be getting to see what they are capable of doing. 

Once the website layout and design are approved, your hired web development team will get to work in creating the website. From time to time, they’ll update you on the progress and might ask for additional information as well. 

Once completed, you will be able to upload the files to your web hosting service provider’s server. Most hosting services have easy-to-use applications that make uploading the files much easier. You will be able to slowly fill your website with the needed images and copies. 

Step 3: Maintenance

The final phase is maintenance and growth. This phase involves constantly adding new content, improving upon the current site, and revamping layouts and functionality to make your site user-friendly. 

While the web designing process begins with the idea, it is the execution of that idea that moves things along in a timely manner.

This is the final phase of your website designing process. In this phase, the web developers and even you will need to optimize your site for search engines. If you have knowledge of search engine optimization, you can do this on your own. 

But if not, your web developers can do this for you, as well. They know what are the appropriate keywords to use when potential clients are searching for products or services online. 

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