Case Study:
NorCal Shiba

NorCal Shiba is a rehoming and rescue organization for Shiba Inu puppies and dogs in need of rehabilitation and new homes. They provide helpful information to new and existing Shiba Inu owners, and connect puppies to forever homes.

About NorCal Shiba

Can you tell us more about NorCal Shiba?

NorCal Shiba is now a hubspot for all Shiba Inu lovers. We believe Shiba Inus are the best dog breeds ever, and we are glad to connect with a community nationwide who think so. We feature Shiba Inu puppies for sale, and we also have Shiba Inu puppies for adoption for those looking for a Shiba Inu rescue with a very special story.

What was the business problem?

Because we are a family and volunteer-run organization, we needed a lot of help in driving revenue through our business (rehoming and products) to be able to fund our rescue operations. We tried for a long time on our own and made our website and social media, but we were getting little to no traffic no matter what we did.

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The Strategic Approach

How did we resolve the problem?

In order to increase the website’s traffic, we drafted a content plan focused keyword strategy, competition analysis, and SEO content writing to provide genuine and high-quality information on the web for Shiba Inu owners and fans. Because our strategy was content-based, we had to re-create the website and design the branding guidelines to make the website attractive, fun, and visually pleasing on desktop & mobile to spend a lot of time on.

Services Provided

The Solution

A brand new business branding and logo to make the website 'pop' and convey the fun vibe of the brand.

A stellar search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to drive more traffic and leads to the business.

We established new branding for the business, including a new logo and design centered upon the fun orange color to represent the vibrancy of the brand and the Shiba Inu breed. We optimized the website and did search engine optimization to make NorCal Shiba #1 nation-wide for over 30 high-volume keywords.

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Improved Website & Attractive Company Branding

screencapture-web-archive-org-web-20180521220312-http-norcalshiba-com-2022-01-18-00_17_51website design agency near me

Social Media & Keyword-Optimized Blog Post Content

In less than a year, our search engine optimization strategy brought NorCal Shiba up to #1 in over 30 different keywords through professionally written and optimized blog post content. 

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SEO Results: 55k+ Organic Visits in 1 year, $75k in Revenue

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NorCal Shiba, which began with 0 organic traffic (and only expensive ads) in 2020, moved up to almost 10k in organic traffic per month after less than a year of SEO with us.

As a result, NorCal Shiba now receives 25 leads per week on average, with each lead valuing $500 in revenue. In 12 months, NorCal Shiba generated 55k+ visits and $75k in revenue through sponsorships, product sales, and rehoming.

“Our new website with SEO’D more than paid for itself after a couple months. We went from 2-3 calls a week to 25 potentials a week in just a year. We started seeing results in 3 months of SEO. It has expanded our business far beyond what we had hoped for.”

– Eric L., Local Business Owner

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