Case Study:
Harmony for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (HAAPI)

A non-profit organization in the Bay Area that seeks to protect and empower the Asian American and Pacific Islander community through awareness and celebration of culture.

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Can you tell us more about HAAPI?

HAAPI’s mission is to bring positive change and express appreciation of the Asian & Pacific Islander communities, and to protect and advocate for the rights of Asian & Pacific Islanders through empowerment and the celebration of culture.

What was the business problem?

HAAPI needed a modern website to showcase videos, events, and projects, and non-profit branding to make them stand out.
They wanted their marketing and social media material to be memorable to donors & supporters.

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The Strategic Approach

How did we resolve the problem?

We completely redesigned their WordPress-based website to be simple and impactful.
We made their videos the highlight of the homepage, with large call-to-actions for donors to get involved.

Services Provided

The Solution

A brand new website that highlights the organization's cultural events and videos front & center.

We designed, structured, and developed a modern, attractive new website that is mobile-friendly, clearly structured for search engine optimization, and focused on most recent initiatives.

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Non-Profit Branding and Social Media Content

Our search engine optimization strategy has resulted in a 330% increase in website traffic for HAAPI over the course of 6 months.

With the increase in exposure, HAAPI has been able to secure funding for events in 2022 and 2023 for the local Bay Area community and online.

“Michelle and her team was there every step of the way and brought our vision further than I could have imagined. We wanted a website that fit our target demographic of Asian Americans across the Bay Area.”

– Marie L., Creative Lead

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