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“They handled everything from our website to linking it with our social media accounts and payment platforms. I can now focus on my business since it’s automated.”

It’s easy to get started with SEO consulting but how do you know where to start and how to find a quality SEO consultant? 

There are literally hundreds of search engine optimization companies and specialists out there. A quick Google search will turn up thousands of potential SEO consultancies and agencies. 

So how do you know which SEO company or specialist to trust and which one is just out to scam you?

Here are five ways to discover an SEO consultant you can trust. Tap your own internal network and ask your colleagues for referrals. Your internal network is your inner ring of trust. Look for at least a few referrals for SEO consultants from who your colleagues have dealt (and gotten good results from) in the past.

What to look for in an SEO consultant?

Here are some tips to look for in a good SEO consultant. 

Do some background research

Do some background research into the optimization firm or consultant you are thinking about hiring. Find out how long they’ve been in business, the number of complaints they’ve faced, and whether or not they’ve been personally penalized by Google for poor optimization techniques or unethical link-building practices.

Google is notorious for fining websites and removing their rankings from the search results. You don’t want to be the first SEO firm to get a poor reputation from Google.

Analyze what works and what doesn’t for their campaigns. What successful campaigns they’ve had and what areas they need improvement in. 

An SEO consultant can only advise you so much based on their own experiences. Conduct your own research to better understand how search engines work and ranking systems and how to get your site to the top of the rankings for your chosen key terms.

Stick by his estimate

Hire a good SEO consultant who will stick by his estimate. There’s no sense in paying a lot for a campaign and then having to wait for it to start ranking well. It’s always better to pay for quality rather than wait for a mediocre result. 

Many consultants have a reputation for completing projects on time with excellent results. If you know you’re likely to have problems with your chosen campaign at some point, hiring a good, a reliable SEO consultant is a good idea.

Impressive track record

Look at their track record. SEO consultants should be able to show you the strategies they implemented that produced good organic search traffic and good rankings. 

The better the consultant does their keyword research, the more likely they will be to make strategic decisions that will help you get to the top of the rankings. 

The best SEO consultants keep their clients abreast of the latest trends in keyword research and use tools and software to make organic search engine optimization easy and effective.

Find out how long it takes the consultant to update their rankings. It’s important to have a reliable consultant who will work quickly if you begin to see changes in your ranking or traffic. 

You don’t want to hire a search engine optimization company that will sit on its laurels while your business suffers. Find a consultant who has plenty of experience so you can be confident you are using the most beneficial strategy for your website’s success.

Offers a decent service package

A good consultant will also provide a decent package of on-page optimization services. They should provide quality link building and content development along with a good analytics package to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

The right SEO consultant can show you where improvements can be made to boost your website’s rankings. In order to get a top spot in Google, it may take several months of work to get to the first page. However, with an experienced SEO consultant, you should be able to achieve first-page rankings in a short amount of time.

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